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International wedding and lifestyle photographer Tony Gigov and Digital Brand Advisor Iwona Laub are taking your smartphone photography to the next level.

This workshop targets the following audience:

– Social Media Managers in Companies, Start-ups
– People working in some kind of lifestyle related branch: fashion, food, travelling, wedding planning, photography, fitness, sports, blogging and the like
– People interested in content creation and content planning
– People who have a strong sense about design, aesthetics in general and who can enjoy beautiful things and feel creative
– People who seek inspiration in thinking outside of their comfort zone and like to learn new things
– People interested in the basics of photography and expertise when it comes to lifestyle shoots

– Bring your iPhone/Smartphone
– Fluent English skills
– Basic knowledge about Social Networks

The workshop is segmented into three parts:

Part I: A theoretical part, in which we will talk about your idea of visual content and how you can – without copying someone – take inspiration from other content creators. We will determine your core values and adjectives you can focus on when creating small videos or beautiful pictures – whether it’s an advanced Instagram profile or just really a “snap”. Another important part will be the planning of visual content and taking advantage of having your smartphone always with you.
Part II: In the second part we will show you apps and tips on how to get the best out of your Smartphone photography skills. Also, we will show you how to do some little effects like adding banners, opaque labels and/or nice typography on your photos
Part III: The practical part. It will be your job now to take pictures of props we have prepared for you. Tony Gigov is giving you tips and hints about how to approach your subject in front of the lens.

You will get a summary in a digital format sent to you after the workshop

Hard facts:

Date: 30.3.2017, 13:00-17:00
Location: Park Hyatt Vienna
Price: 432€ (20% USt. included)

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